How to Turn Facebook Profile Pictures Into Emoticons

Emoticons are a simple yet powerful tool to express your emotions and we all are fond of using emoticons during chat conversation on Facebook and other IMs.  Would not be it good if during Facebook chat you can use profile picture of a people, brands etc. Excited??

Here goes a sample of Chat conversation where I have used profile pictures to fill in between the message and made it more attractive.

Profile Pictures Used as Emoticons in Facebook Chat

Its not a rocket science. The simple steps are listed below:

  • Whichever profile picture you you want to use in your chat conversation, go to that Facebook page or profile.
  • Copy the personalized part of the page URL shown in the example below:

blog-image 2

  • Paste the copied personalized URL part {highligted in the image above} in the chat box within [[  ]] for example [CafeCoffeeDay]].
  • Voila!! you are done.

So start creating your Facebook chat more interactive and interesting as well.  Happy Chatting.


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Evolution of an Entrepreneur – An Interesting Infographic

Check out this interesting infographic published by Homestead

Evolution of an Entrepreneur

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Digital Darwinism and Future of Business

Digital Darwinism : When businesses forget the basic principle of nature that “Only thing constant in this world is the CHANGE”

As defined by Brian, Digital Darwinism is when technology and society evolve faster than an organization’s ability to adapt to the change. To celebrate the launch of his new book What’s the Future of Business, he has shared a new on Digital Darwinism. Check this out.



Infographic Credit: Brain Solis Flickr

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AICC is looking for Digital Media Agencies

Indian National Congress  Logo


Politicos in west have tasted the power of Social Media, Narendra Modi and many other BJP leaders are already rocking the Indian political arena with their strong presence then how can the arch rival Indian National Congress shy away from it for long time.

Finally Indian National Congress has decided to board the social media bandwagon and scouting for Digital or Social Media agency.

As the Lok Sabha elections will be in 2014, Congress wants to utilize around 1 year time to develop a strong presence and impress the youth. The prime objective will be to increase the presence, develop positive environment and counter the negative sentiment.

Although it’s a late move but its always better late than never. It will be tough job for AICC to do all the things in a short span when already their rival BJP has a strong hold in social arena.


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Google Analytics & Google Docs Update

After a long procrastination and lots of laziness finally I decided to add a new post to my Digital Freak’s blog 🙂 but the problem was what to write in it. So I thought what can be a better post than giving an update on two Google products which are loved by every one across the world:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Docs

Lets start with Google Analytics:

On 17th of March 2011, Google shared an update on new look of Google Analytics in the Google Analytics User Conference held at San Francisco.

Google claims that the purpose of launching the new version is to make it easier and faster to grab the data.  The new version is loaded with lots of new and interesting features, for example, you can now view multiple advanced segments without needing to also use All Visits. You’ll find multiple dashboards in the new version as well.

Wait a minute! Don’t get frustrated if you are not seeing all these above mentioned features. These features are available on request in closed beta version. However, if you want to be considered for the test, visit the beta sign-up page.

Google Docs

On March 16, 2011 Google Docs came up with a feature of Discussions. It facilitates rapid and seamless discussions and integrate with email in an intuitive way. Since there are a number of significant improvements, this update is only available for newly created documents for now.

The updates in Comment feature include:

a)      Each comment now has a timestamp and profile picture.

b)      Instead of deleting comments you can resolve comments to remove them from the visible document and view them later by clicking the discussions button at the top of any document. You can even re-open comments from here.

c)       Comments have been integrated with your inbox to facilitate more rapid and responsive communication.

If you are interested in visuals then check out this video on Discussions in Google Docs.

Keep visiting the Digital Freak’s Blog more updates.

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Google Claims:Bing is Copying Our Search Results

Bing cheating Google

Continuous improvement in Bing’s market share and relevancy in providing search results has been put under question. Google ran a sting operation on Bing and concluded Bing has been keeping an eye on what people are searching for on Google, the results selected by the user, then tries to use that information in improving its (Bing’s) own search listings. Bing doesn’t deny this!!
Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land has written a very interesting article on this issue. You can read this article here which gives a clear picture of what is happening in Search.

*image credit Google Images

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Where is Google heading in the future? – An Informative Tip From Matt Cutts

“When the going get tough only tough gets going” this quote is very well suited with SEO profession where everyday is a new battle against the Big Daddy(Google). SEOs spend most of their time in trying to figure out to outsmart Google Algorithm which is not at all an easy task.

Matt Cutts suggest that instead of fighting against Google why not the SEOs strive for the same goal which Google and any other search engine is trying to achieve. To be more specific while optimizing site for search engines (using white hat techniques), if we optimize our website for users as well half the battle is won because now we are helping search engines to achieve their objective of providing relevant search results to users.

Check out this video in which Matt Cutts suggests SEOs to be on same page with Google instead of trying to find out short-term holes in Google’s search engine algorithm.


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